August 20, 2022

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Why today’s games need updating so often


Whether you are playing on a console, a computer or a smart device, it can feel like your favorite games are continually needing to update. This can be frustrating when you have to wait to play while the game updates, particularly if you felt the game was working fine without the update. However, updating games has several advantages and although you may sometimes have to wait to play, it may help your gaming experience become better than ever.

Bug fixing

All games have bugs that can have an adverse effect on your gaming experience. The worst case of crashing a system or losing data is thankfully rare, but even minor issues can be annoying. Fixing these minor issues is an ongoing task, starting on the day of the game’s release. While it may feel like it is running smoothly, developers are aware of the issues that need fixing and release updates on what may feel like a near-constant basis to keep on top of any issues.

Bringing balance

Although games are usually rigorously tested before releasing to the general public, it can be hard to see exactly how the different aspects of the game work until it is played on the vast scale of general release. Often it is this that demonstrates how a single feature such as a weapon dominates. Today’s complex games may be played in a myriad of different ways and gamers may have come up with a tactic that the developers had not considered that makes the game less challenging. Updates can fix this, restoring balance to the game.

New and improved features or content

Game developers work to a strict timetable in order to get the game ready for release day. This often means they may not have all the features ready that they hoped to have in the game. Once those features are finished, they can be added into the latest update.

Game developers are continually developing new games and gamers are always keen to find the latest releases. However, sometimes new content is not large enough to justify a new game. This can be offered as an update to an existing game.

New features and content adds excitement to a game, particularly if it is a game you have played for a while and were starting to find it a bit too familiar. It may also be worth checking games you’ve dismissed in the past, as the new features and content may help it become a game worth playing.

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Think positive

When an update delays your game, it’s easy to dismiss them as worthless. But consider the alternative where glitches remain, single features dominate and there is never anything new to discover. A short delay is a small price to pay to avoid that.

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