Reseller Hosting is evolving as a lucrative opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. It allows you to resell your hosting capabilities to other clients. You can purchase bulk plans from major hosting providers and break them into smaller packages. It not only helps you earn an additional stream of revenue but also help yourself as a holistic service provider, especially if you are already running a web development or design business. When you resell hosting services with your business branding and do not disclose details about your hosting provider to your end clients, it is usually termed White Label Reseller Web Hosting. It helps to identify your business as an exclusive entity.

White label hosting, typically, includes billing integration using a WHMCS billing software, offered by most hosting companies, along with easy-to-use control panel, private name servers, and domain and email integration.

Is it for you?

Yes. White label reseller hosting is versatile and flexible enough for anyone to start reselling their hosting services. Also, the simple operations of reseller business do not require you to be a tech expert. Your main hosting provider will take care of all technical requirements, like hardware, server management, maintenance, and support. White label hosting has minimum investments in terms of costs and efforts and is perfect for web developers or designers who want to add hosting services to their offerings to clients who don’t have large-scale hosting needs.

Benefits of White Label Hosting

It helps you expand your existing business

Diversifying your business is the key to business success, particularly in the current economic scenario. With white label hosting, you can make it an all-inclusive service for your clients, wherein you provide design or development along with hosting. Since it will serve customers comprehensively, they would prefer to do more business with you.

It builds customer loyalty and increased retention

When people see your hosting business as your exclusive brand and not an intermediary between them and a bigger hosting company, it adds more value to your business and you as a service provider. With your business branding, you can promote it the way you want and engage customers using your customized marketing strategies. This makes it easier for you to increase customer loyalty and thus build a stronger relationship with them.

It is a profitable income source

Most design or development projects are one-time jobs and can be random. But hosting is something people need all year round and for longer than one can imagine. White label hosting lets you boost your income in the most legitimate and lucrative manner. With minimum investment, you have better chances of increasing profit margins.

Summing up…

If you are looking for a business opportunity in hosting and trying to build it from the ground above, then white label hosting can be a great start. Despite acquiring resources from another hosting provider, you can strategize the business in the way you want. All you need is a reliable and efficient hosting service and a reliable service provider who can facilitate your business with the right tools and support.