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The Top Most Essential Tips for Clay Shooting for Beginners

For you to be a veteran skeet shooter, you need to have the muscle and nerve for hard work and dedication. By far and large, great clay shooters had their lessons learnt from personal practice and experience. However, as is common to all of the veteran skeet shooters, the following are some of the most essential tips that as a beginner you need to know of for clay shooting.

Looking at clay shooting and the use of guns in the sport, one thing that will need to ring in mind first is that of the need to put safety first. And looking at safety, the first and most important thing that you need to be aware of is the need to have worn all the necessary hearing and eye protections always and ever. It is important for you to always have your guns held as if they were ever loaded but always have them indeed loaded only when you are ready to take your shots. The muzzle of the gun should as well be kept pointing down only to be lifted when you are shooting. Your gun as well needs to be unloaded whenever you are crossing over a stream, ditch or fence all in the interest of ensuring safety.

For your clay shooting venture and as a beginner, the other tip that you will surely appreciate is that of finding the ideal gun fit. This is so necessary especially for you to be able to take precise shots-those hitting right where you are looking or aiming at. To help see the fit of the gun, you may be advised to test check the gun by setting a target board about 16 yards or so. Test check the gun by taking some random shots at the target board a number of shots and in the case that you find that you are missing your targets all too often then you may need to consider having the gun fitted.

Your next tip so as to have such preciseness in clay shooting will be to know precisely which of the two eyes is the one that is most dominant. Avoid the assumption that has been made by many clay shooters that merely because they are this or that handed, then the eyes are as well so dominant.

After you have so determined your dominant eye, you will then need to take your practices for the mounts and this is with the gun not loaded for a start. As a matter of fact, we know of the fact that practice makes perfect and as such even for the best shots, these will only be possible when you have taken enough practice of your shots making these a daily routine.

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