Galaxy S21 drop test: It broke on the first drop

I had high hopes for the new Samsung Galaxy S21 phones phones going into our drop test, even though Galaxy phones haven’t been the most durable in our previous tests. The S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra‘s curved displays aren’t as pronounced as previous models and all the screens are all covered in the strongest Gorilla Glass. But let’s just say my hopes proved optimistic, and if you’re considering going case-less with your new Galaxy S21, you may want to read on. 

While the three Galaxy S21 phones may look similar, the backs are all made of

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Ex-Googler Turns Virtual Gifts Into a $61 Billion Business With Chinese Video App Kuaishou

In China’s popular online-streaming industry, virtual gift-giving is big. You can send your favorite live performer anything from a rose for 5 yuan (80 cents) to a space rocket for 500 yuan. The present is just a symbol, but the money is real — and that’s what’s made Kuaishou Technology so successful.

The ByteDance rival has become the biggest live-streaming platform for virtual gifts, with more paying monthly users than any other in the world. The firm, which takes a cut of the tips fans give to performers, raised $5.4 billion (roughly Rs. 39,409 crores) in Hong Kong in the

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