OnePlus’ Nord N10 5G heads to T-Mobile for $300 on Jan. 15

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is heading to T-Mobile. 

James Martin/CNET

T-Mobile’s relationship with OnePlus is expanding, and the nation’s second-largest carrier will begin selling the OnePlus Nord N10 5G and the 4G LTE-only N100 on Jan. 15. 

The carrier is pricing the N10 5G at $300, with the N100 running $180. T-Mobile says it will be the exclusive US carrier for both devices and will bring the two phones to its Metro prepaid brand as well, though pricing for the devices at Metro was not announced. (For international context, the N10 5G costs £329 in the UK or about

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Samsung Teases New OLED Screens for Laptops With Superior Image Quality, Cinematic Colours

Samsung’s teased its new OLED panels for laptops, highlighting their superior image quality. Samsung Display teased the qualities its OLED screens for laptops will have through a video uploaded on YouTube. The South Korean tech giant said that the new screens will offer cinematic and ultrapure colours. The OLED screens will also offer great visibility during outdoor operations in the sun, as claimed by Samsung in the video. The OLED screens for laptops will offer 85-percent HDR coverage, as per Samsung.

The South Korean tech giant teased the new OLED panel laptop lineup through a video shared on YouTube titled

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5G phones in 2021: iPhone 12, Galaxy Note 20, Pixel 5 and more

Last year, major carriers kicked off their 5G deployment in earnest, and you’ll continue to see 5G phones being released this year and next. In the US, 5G is currently live in select cities for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and other regional carriers. The 5G networks for all four major carriers in the UK are live too.

Apple’s latest iPhone 12 phones all have 5G connectivity, and Samsung, the most popular manufacturer of 5G phones, has several under its belt. This includes the foldable Galaxy Z Flip 5G, the premium Galaxy Note 20 phones, and the more budget-friendly 

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How to use the grep command for better data retrieval

Automating the performance of tasks via scripting is something we all strive to do as IT pros. But taking it a step further by using grep adds a layer of granularity and universality to your scripts.

Image: iStock/HAKINMHAN

Interacting with data is the core function of any IT professional. Each role is unique and brings with it specific challenges, but at the heart of each role lies the same basic premise: As IT, we interpret and respond to the data we receive and if it isn’t accurate, we take measures to correct the data flow. When we automate tasks based

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