State of tech in Silicon Valley: Top 10 in-demand jobs and employment trends

An Indeed report details the evolving jobs landscape of an area that has been synonymous with tech for decades.

Image: iStock/monsitj

For decades, Silicon Valley has been virtually synonymous with tech, but the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, the emergence of new tech hubs, and the flexibility of remote work could impact employer hiring and job seeker interest in the months ahead. On Tuesday, Indeed released a report detailing the evolving tech landscape in Silicon Valley, shifts in the area’s share of job postings, local in-demand tech positions, and more.

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Amazon’s Zoox Unveils Autonomous, Multidirectional Electric ‘Robo-Taxi’

An autonomous vehicle company acquired this year by Amazon has unveiled a four-person ‘robo-taxi,’ a compact, multidirectional vehicle designed for dense, urban environments.

The carriage-style interior of the vehicle produced by Zoox has two benches that face each other. There is no steering wheel. It measures just under 12 feet (3.6 metres) long, about a foot shorter than a standard Mini Cooper.

It is among the first vehicles with bidirectional capabilities and four-wheel steering, allowing for better manoeuvrability. It has a top speed of 75 miles per hour (120 kilometres per hour).

According to the company website, the

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Apple’s worst moments of 2020

History won’t remember 2020 fondly. While Apple weathered the year well, the company experienced some notable troubles. Erik Eckel explores Apple’s worst moments of the year.

Image: Apple

A pandemic, social unrest, economic recession, and political discord all contributed to a difficult year. While Apple earned several wins, including important new operating system releases, a 5G-compatible iPhone launch, and record revenues, the company also suffered multiple worrisome incidents. Here are Apple’s five worst 2020 moments.

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5. Mac performance problems rained on macOS Big Sur’s parade

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Robotics-as-a-Service: Exoskeleton manufacturer receives $20 million in funding

The company’s Cray X exoskeleton aims to reduce workplace injuries in industrial manufacturing and more.

Image: German Bionic

Workplace fatigue increases the risk of injury and this could have dire implications depending on the occupational setting. A 2018 National Safety Council survey found nearly seven-in-10 US employees are fatigued on the job. However, only about three-quarters (72%) of respondents believed workplace fatigue to be a safety concern.

In recent years, a number of companies have developed exoskeletons to assist employees in manufacturing industrial settings during physically intensive tasks. These robotics-enabled ergonomic devices can decrease employee fatigue and increase productivity while

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