Stop buying breakable phones. Rugged phones aren’t dorky anymore

Brian Cooley/CNET

Let me guess: You’re still carrying a phone you’re terrified of dropping. Even though the new iPhone 12 passed our scratch and drop test with flying colors, thanks to its ceramic shield screen, Apple still recommends using a case. So you cocoon it in an add-on case, maybe with a finger loop for extra safety, and end up with a package that makes a mockery of your “thin” phone. 

If so, it’s time to consider one of the new breed of rugged phones, which range from slim to attractively chunky. They all have built-in drop-and-dunk resistance,

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How VR and mixed reality are becoming important in the future of work

In 2020, companies have been forced to try new technologies because of the pandemic. One company sees this tech staying for the long haul.

TechRepublic’s Karen Roby spoke with Kyle Jackson, founder of Talespin, a software company that specializes in immersive technology, about how businesses are using new technologies in the pandemic and into the future. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

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Karen Roby: I think this is really interesting, Kyle, that you guys talk to customers every day, and you’re hearing the things they’re saying, the problems they’re having, solutions

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Huami’s Zepp Z Smartwatch With 30-Day Battery Life, SpO2 Monitoring Launched

The Zepp Z smartwatch has launched as the latest offering from Huami’s Zepp brand. The wearable has a round dial frame made of titanium allow and a leather strap. It includes features like SpO2 blood oxygen level, heart rate, and stress monitoring. There seem to be three buttons on the watch for navigation and quick access to health data. The Zepp Z smartwatch offers up to 30 days of battery life during basic usage and up to 15 days of battery in a daily usage scenario. The wearable weighs only 40 grams.

Zepp Z smartwatch price, sale

Huami’s new Zepp

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From Apple to Samsung: 5G phones available right now

Last year, major carriers kicked off their 5G deployment in earnest and you’ll continue to see 5G phones being released this year and next. In the US, 5G is currently live in select cities for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and other regional carriers. The 5G networks for all four major carriers in the UK are live too.

Most people will likely experience the benefits of a robust 5G network only through a 5G smartphone. After all, the grand promises carriers and chipmakers are making with 5G coverage don’t mean much if you can’t access 5G service with your own device after

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7 best Zoom games for some virtual face time during the coronavirus pandemic

As the workforce shifts online during the pandemic, video conferencing tools are a key part of the digital office, however, these platforms are also great for gameplay.

As cities continue to take proactive measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus more Americans are working remotely. Consequently,
video conferencing tools like Zoom

Microsoft Teams

have become a normal part of the virtual workday for tens of millions of Americans. However, these video conferencing tools aren’t exclusively meant for the
home office

by any means. It turns out, these tools are also ideal for virtual gameplay with friends and family

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