Your Zoom background may not make you look as professional as you think

Of six virtual workspaces, guess which one ranked the highest for professionalism. Hint: Think scholarly.

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In recent months, organizations around the globe have adopted remote work policies. During this time, video conferences have replaced traditional in-person meetings for many. To create a more professional background in lieu of a traditional workspace, many individuals are using virtual backgrounds on video calls. Needless to say, not all backgrounds will invoke the same level of perceived professionalism. A new survey was designed to understand the impact various standard virtual backgrounds have on one’s perceived intelligence, professionalism, and more.

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Google Discloses Targeted Exploit Found in Windows That Gave Hackers Administrator Access to System

Google has disclosed a vulnerability with Windows Kernel Cryptography Driver that is being exploited to gain access to the target system. This vulnerability works alongside a Google Chrome flaw and according to a report, has only been spotted in conjunction with the Chrome vulnerability. Google patched Chrome and other Chromium based browsers starting October 20 but Microsoft is expected to release a patch on November 10. This is a targeted exploit and not widespread, which means not all users will be affected by it.

The Windows Kernel Cryptography Driver vulnerability CVE-2020-17087 has been disclosed by Google’s Project Zero team after

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Top 5 programming languages for web developers to learn

The following languages will help current and new web developers navigate the programming landscape to code web-based services and apps that are stable and secure.

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In the last decade more and more applications have found their way to the cloud via web-based applications that work uniformly on almost any device running just about any operating system. Arguably, the days of using an OS for a specific application are largely behind us. Now, we can store data on the cloud, access it from the web app, modify it to our hearts’ content, and then save it,

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5 iOS tips to boost productivity

These iOS tips allow you to accomplish more in less time while on-the-go and are sure to please every multitasking mobile professional.

Image: Apple

Apple’s iOS operating system is found across the company’s entire line of mobile devices–from the various incarnations of the iPad to the iPhone–and the company’s commitment to iOS and its annual development can be seen with each subsequent release.

While each version of iOS typically brings new features and gestures along with it, security updates or point updates (e.g., 14.0.2) often focus more on slight modifications to tweak the underlying code or bug fixes to

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