Linux: Fedora 33 beta brings new file system and more support for Raspberry Pi

A full release of the Fedora 33 Linux distribution is expected at the end of October.

Fedora 33 is ready for testing.

Image: Fedora  

The Fedora Project’s latest Linux distribution is now available in beta, bringing with it a new file system, a new GNOME environment and introducing official support for Raspberry Pi.

The Fedora 33 Beta comes ahead of a planned launch of the full distribution at the end of October. Alongside Fedora Workstation and Fedora Server, Fedora 33 Beta adds Fedora IoT as a supported edition for the first time. Fedora IoT supports low-power hardware platforms based on

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Vivo V20 Series Confirmed to Launch in India Soon, to Be Offered via Flipkart

Vivo V20 series of smartphones has officially been confirmed by the company to launch in India. The company’s India Twitter handle has posted a short teaser video, hinting at the phones’ imminent launch in the country. A promotional page for the Vivo V20 was also spotted on the Flipkart app, hinting at its availability on the e-commerce platform soon. It was earlier reported that the Vivo V20 series is expected to be launched in the country on October 12. The Vivo V20 series comprises three models – Vivo V20, Vivo V20 SE, and Vivo V20 Pro. The Vivo V20 SE

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SIM swap fraud: How to prevent your phone number from being stolen

SIM swapping is a serious trend you should know about. 

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Scammers are always trying to find a way to get your attention and trick you into handing over sensitive data. For example, at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, phone calls and text messages offered cures and access to test kits, but in the end all the scammers wanted was your personal info. They’d then turn around and use that information to do things like open accounts in your name, or even take over your phone number, granting them full access to your online accounts.

In January,

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Remote work isolation is forcing IT people to work in new ways

Nearly 60% of employees feel more isolated and disconnected from work and teams, and 50% want employers to do something about it, says a new report from Boomi and ResearchScape.

Image: iStock/ngkhanhvukhoa

The pandemic quickly isolated households from family, friends, and coworkers, but in addition to being separated physically, it was an emotional and mental readjustment. As COVID-19 sent people home to work, e-learn, and quarantine, the interpersonal and technological impact of being remote required new ways of coping, according to a newly launched survey commissioned by ResearchScape on behalf of Boomi, the Boomi Connection Survey.

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Computer/IT remote work increased more than 50% since March 1

A new report from Flexjobs taps the top 50 companies offering remote jobs, and 11 of them are tech-related.

Image: Vasil Dimitrov, Getty Images/iStockPhoto

A COVID-19-imposed work-from-home life may have revealed a preferable working situation for many, as there’s been a significant increase in people looking for remote and flexible jobs since the beginning of the pandemic. There’s also been significant opportunities at companies recruiting remote workers. 

Due to the popularity of the search for remote work, Flexjobs reviewed and determined the top companies hiring for the most remote jobs between March 1 and Sept 15. 

While only 11

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These software developers ditched the daily stand-up. It was a good idea

Software company Haystack wanted to see how it could address burnout amongst its team.

Very few people enjoy meetings, and many will agree that constantly being pulled into huddles and stand-ups just takes valuable time away from actually getting stuff done.

The coronavirus pandemic has added another layer to this issue. While
video-conferencing tools

have created a means for us to stay in touch with our colleagues, organizations are still struggling to find a balance, leading to the rise of a new phenomenon informally dubbed “Zoom fatigue.”

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Software company Haystack recently found itself experiencing

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