Zoom is coming to Amazon Echo, Google Nest and Facebook Portal: Here’s when

The Amazon Echo Show, Facebook Portal and Google Nest Hub will all support the Zoom app starting in September, allowing users to launch meetings directly from their chosen smart display.

Zoom is being made available in more places than ever, with the video-conferencing app now heading to popular smart displays from Amazon, Facebook and Google.

The Amazon Echo Show, Facebook Portal and Google Nest Hub will all support the Zoom app starting in September, allowing users to launch Zoom meetings directly from their chosen smart device.

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Each device

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Apple’s Stock Market Value Tops $2 Trillion

Just two years after Apple became the first publicly listed US company with a $1 trillion (roughly Rs. 75 lakh crores) stock market value, the iPhone maker has now topped $2 trillion (roughly Rs. 150 lakh crores). The Cupertino, California-based company’s shares briefly rose to as high as $468.65 (roughly Rs. 35,100) on Wednesday, equivalent to a market capitalization of $2.004 trillion. The stock was last up 1.2 percent at $467.62 (roughly Rs.35,073), giving Apple a market capitalisation of $1.999 trillion.

Buoyed by bets on the long-term success of the country’s biggest tech names in a post-coronavirus world, Apple’s shares

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How to configure Windows Sandbox settings

Learn how to configure and manage settings in Windows Sandbox. The tool can be used by developers and IT staff to test settings, apps, or malware behaviors without compromising the host system.

Image: iStockphoto/Ukususha

Microsoft’s Windows 10 update, the May 2019 release

dubbed build 1903, has brought some notable fixes and additions to the stable OS now going on its fourth year. Among the features included, Windows Sandbox is one of the highlights that stands out for both its ease of implementation and versatile functionality.

In a pinch, IT staff can launch a fully usable, windowed testing environment that uses

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How to keep your company secure while employees work from home

There are new issues organizations should consider as work from home continues with no end in sight. One expert offers ideas to secure your widening perimeter.

Image: 1550539, Getty Images/iStockPhoto

By now, organizations are realizing that the months of working from home (WFH) during the pandemic has introduced a whole new set of security liabilities and upended how IT has handled network security and employee vulnerabilities.

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The sudden push to quickly transition the workforce from the office to the home has introduced greater risk for employees to become susceptible to cybercrime, since many

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