How to create an on-the-fly flash drive with bootable Linux distributions

Looking for the means to carry with you an easy-to-use Linux distribution toolkit that will enable you to install Linux wherever you go? Look no further than Ventoy.

Image: Jack Wallen

Creating a flash drive with bootable Linux distributions usually involves reformatting said drive. This means if you want to switch distributions, or add more, you’ll lose the distribution already on the drive.

What if you could not only keep that distribution, but make this process incredible easy–like, on the fly easy? Wonder no more, as with the Ventoy application, this is a reality. 

Ventoy is probably one of the

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Redmi Note 9 Pro Max to Go on Sale Today via Amazon, Price in India, Specifications, Other Details

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max is all set to go on sale in India once again today. The sale will begin at 12pm (noon) IST on Amazon India and The phone has been on flash sales since launch due to ongoing COVID-19 crisis causing scarcity in supply and production difficulties. The phone comes in three finishes – Aurora Blue, Glacier White, and Interstellar Black. Key specifications include a quad camera setup at the back with a 64-megapxel main sensor and a Snapdragon 720G processor.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max price in India, availability

The Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

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Microsoft Word: How to use AutoCorrect to handle unwanted words

Deleting unwanted words can be tedious, even if you use Word’s Find feature. Instead, consider using one of these AutoCorrect methods.

Image: photo5963, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Whether you’re an editor, writer, or you work in an organization that frowns on the use of certain words, you probably run a Find function so you can remove offending words before you consider the Microsoft Word document complete. You could write a macro to highlight them all so you can easily find them, but that’s a lot of work. Word’s AutoCorrect feature can do it much quicker. In this article, I’ll show you how

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5 remote work facts every employer should know

If your company is considering hiring telecommuters, here are important facts to help decide if it’s the right move.

Image: 12963734, Getty Images/iStockphoto

In 2019, 62% of businesses already had a partial or full remote workforce, according to a survey, by OWL Labs, of employees between ages 22 and 65. Often referred to as telecommuting, remote work will continue to grow, especially as COVID-19 has forced employers in this direction in 2020. As companies and employees discover the benefits of remote work, this remote hiring trend is not unfounded—and will continue well into the future.

SEE: Return to work:

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