Why do we feel compelled to wave goodbye on Zoom?

We don’t wave when walking out of a business meeting in person. Here’s why we do this and other somewhat weird habits that have emerged on video conferencing calls.

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Last night, when signing off from my Zoom book group meeting, all of us waved goodbye to one another. I never thought about it before, but then I realized I’ve also done it on other occasions when talking to friends, and maybe even on work calls.

I’m not the only one, of course. And there are other odd habits people do on video calls, like

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GitHub’s new “super linter” could make inconsistent code a thing of the past

Open source and available to everyone on GitHub, the tool standardizes source code analysis for 16 languages.

Image: GitHub

GitHub has released an open source tool called “super linter,” which it says could make testing code for errors and inconsistencies easier than ever.

Linters are tools that scan source code for bugs, formatting errors, poorly built constructs, and other problems that can result in messy, inefficient code. 

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Traditionally, a separate linter is needed for each language used in an application, leading to a lot of time spent manually operating what are supposed to be time-saving automation tools.

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How Microsoft is changing its Windows Insider program

Windows Insider builds are shifting from the current Ring model to a new Channel model in an attempt to make the process less confusing.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is kicking off a couple of changes to its Windows Insider program that could help users better choose and navigate the right builds.

In a blog post published Monday, the software giant said that it’s transitioning the present Ring model for builds to a Channel model. Beyond the name change, the new model will focus less on the frequency of each build and more on the quality. The goal is to help

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iPhone SE (2020) to Be Made in India Soon: Report

Apple is set to start manufacturing the iPhone SE (2020) in India according to a report. The Cupertino giant is said to have taken this step to avoid a 20 percent tax needed for importing the new iPhone model in the country. Apple’s Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron has reportedly been in the process of receiving components for manufacturing the smartphone in India. In 2017, Apple started manufacturing some of its iPhone models in India to avoid import taxes and cater to the growing demand in the country. The company, however, has so far domestically produced only older iPhone models.


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FIFA 21 Progress, Save Games Won’t Transfer From PS4, Xbox One to PS5, Xbox Series X

FIFA 21 is not a regular release, as it bridges two console generations, what with the impending launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X in late 2020. As such, EA Sports has promised that players who buy FIFA 21 on PS4 and Xbox One will get a free copy on respective next-gen platform. But if you’re planning to avail that offer, you might not want to start playing in October. EA Sports has revealed that FIFA 21 progress and save games — except for Ultimate Team and Volta Football — won’t carry over from existing consoles to new ones.

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Top IT skills for post-pandemic success

During this time of economic turmoil, tech professionals need to be at the top of their game–whether going back to an office or staying remote.

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Upskilling is always a beneficial move for both employees and employers. Adding more skills to your docket not only makes you a more valuable worker, but it is also a healthy way to break up the work day, said Jeffrey Hammond, vice president, principal analyst serving CIO professionals at Forrester.

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Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, CEOs rated skills gaps as the

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