Best budget phones under $200: Our picks for 2020 phones you can get for cheap

It may seem like your choices are slim to none if you’re looking for a reliable phone for $200 or less. But there are a few budget smartphone options available that we wholeheartedly recommend — like handsets from Motorola’s Moto G series and one phone from its even more affordable E series. Upcoming and newly announced devices from Samsung and Xiaomi also look compelling not only because these phones comes from well-known companies and sport sub-$200 price tags, but also because they have decent specs (hello, good camera) and an elegant design.

To see our picks, check out the list

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Mi Notebook Launch on June 11: What We Know So Far

Mi Notebook is all set to debut as Xiaomi’s first laptop in India on June 11. The laptop will not only mark its India debut next week, but this will also be its global debut. Despite selling several laptop models in China, the company is bringing a brand-new laptop for the country. Although we are still days away from the launch, Xiaomi has been teasing features of the Mi Notebook over the last several days. Here’s a quick look at what we know so far about the Mi Notebook.

Mi Notebook launch date, livestream, more

As mentioned, Mi Notebook will

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Xperia 1 II review: Sony packed this $1,200 phone with pro camera features

The tall slim squared-off exterior of the Sony Xperia 1 II hides a slew of filmmaking and photography features for creatives.

Patrick Holland/CNET

When I told someone about the Sony Xperia 1 II, their first reaction was, “Sony still makes phones?!” Granted, this phone isn’t aimed at the masses like an iPhone 11 Pro or a Samsung Galaxy S20. Sony is after creative types who want more control over their photos and videos. That’s why the company packed the $1,200 (£1,099) Xperia with controls and tools from its popular Alpha line of full-frame mirrorless cameras, and

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