How to create teams and channels in Microsoft Teams

Need to expand the scope of your organization’s Teams setup? Here’s how to create new team areas and additional channels in new and existing teams.

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With everyone working remotely, it’s understandable that collaboration software like Microsoft Teams is getting used a lot more than it used to. It’s good that software like Teams is available to help organizations get through the COVID-19 pandemic, but at the same time all that additional time in Teams means chat channels may be getting a bit crowded.

Maybe you want to create a new team for extra-curricular conversations, or

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Build your own health and hygiene kit to make a safe return to the office

Make sure you have the right gear to limit your exposure to the coronavirus, including a cool mask and hand sanitizer from a distillery.

Now that states have lifted stay at home orders and offices are reopening, it’s time to think about navigating the coronavirus epidemic outside your home. The prospect of seeing your colleagues live and in person is exciting, but sharing their germs is not. 

Companies are still figuring out the new normal, which may include a mix of days at the office and days at home. For the days in the office, you’ll need a plan for

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How to share files in Microsoft Teams

File sharing is a key part of remote collaboration. Here’s how to improve your ability to get work done together by sharing items in Microsoft Teams.

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If you’re using Microsoft Teams to collaborate with coworkers while working from home, there’s one thing you definitely need to be able to do: Share files. 

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Working effectively while remote in the modern world requires the ability to share documents with ease, and luckily Microsoft Teams does just that. There are still a couple of sticking points that can leave you scratching your head, so if

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CIOs: 8 ways to trim IT budgets

These eight areas will net fast budget reductions with minimal disruption to the business and headcount.

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With the early response to the COVID-19 pandemic now behind them, CIOs are entering the next phase: Dealing with the massive economic damage the virus has caused. Specifically, they’re looking at how to trim budgets in the face of a major economic recession.

Tech budgets were growing between 4% and 6% per year in 2018 to 2019, said Andrew Bartels, a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester. Now, he expects them to contract between 8% and 10% from those

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65% of US employees confirm customer loyalty since shifting meetings online

While companies fear client retention during COVID-19, virtual meetings are proving successful, Doodle found.

The majority of US employees (65%) said that clients have remained loyal since shifting meetings online, a Doodle study found. While client retention is a significant fear among organizations who were forced to move meetings virtual, customer loyalty ultimately prevailed. 

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Doodle’s Growing Client Loyalty Remotely study, released on Thursday, aimed to identify the concerns and challenges employees may be currently facing with shifting client meetings online due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

With the

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