Samsung Galaxy A50 review: Still one of the best budget phones

Samsung last month announced updates to its Galaxy A series, its family of budget phones that are poised to compete against Apple’s latest iPhone SE for 2020. While some models have new features like 5G, all of them are less than $400 and have headphone jacks. One of the new phones, the Galaxy A51, is a sequel to 2019’s Galaxy A50. 

The Galaxy A50 from 2019 may not be as fancy as the latest Galaxy S20 phones or as cool-looking as the Z Flip. But at $350 at launch and now discounted by Samsung even more

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Developers who stand out bring both technical skills and life experiences to the job

Coder, bootcamp founder, CEO and former family therapist, Dave Hoover offers tips to help developers stand out in a crowded job market and explains why companies should focus on growing talent from within.

In this episode of
Dynamic Developer
, I talk with Dave Hoover about how you learn the skills to become a developer, and how companies build dev teams with the right skills for today and tomorrow. Dave is not only founder and CEO of Red Squirrel, a custom software development firm, he is also a coder, author, and co-founder of Dev Bootcamp. The following is an

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Plan to use Zoom outside of the US? Be ready for latency

A report found there are latency problems for Zoom users outside the US.

London-based network testing firm SamKnows has released a report detailing why Zoom users in the UK and elsewhere are experiencing latency issues: Zoom calls, no matter where they originate, are being routed through the US. In its study of latency issues in major video conferencing apps, SamKnows found that most of the platforms–Webex, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and Skype–ran with latency in the 20-30 millisecond range. The one exception to the typical low-latency response times of the apps surveyed was Zoom, which averaged

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How the COVID-19 shutdown is affecting social media, and how your organization can respond

The pandemic has people stuck at home, and how they consume media is changing. Organizations that don’t want to be left behind need to know how to meet users where they’re spending time.

Social media tracking organization Talkwalker has released a study of social media consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, and finds that the ways tech users are getting their media is changing.

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What that means for businesses reliant on social media to attract customers, Talkwaker CEO Todd Grossman said, is that they need to “adapt their strategies to ensure they stay connected to their

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