Coronavirus: India Tells Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Other Social Media Firms to Curb Misinformation

Witnessing a huge surge in fake news and misinformation related to new coronavirus (COVID-19) on social media platforms in India, the government has issued an advisory to them, saying it is pertinent on their part to control spread of misinformation on their platforms. The government wrote to top social media companies including Facebook, Google-owned YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and ShareChat to sanitise their platforms.

Coronavirus the outbreak has become a global concern and it has been reported that there is a trend of circulation of misinformation and sharing anonymous data related to the virus, creating panic among the public,” said

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GitHub’s mobile app to go open source? Definitely “maybe”

Commentary: Not all software makes sense as open source, but a GitHub mobile app just might.

Image: Allmy, Shutterstock / Allmy

In a world increasingly powered by open source software, there’s still plenty of software that really doesn’t need to be open source. Or, perhaps put a better way, there is software that could be open source and no one would care or contribute.

GitHub’s new mobile app probably doesn’t fall into that category. While most developers won’t necessarily have interest or aptitude in contributing to a voice memo or word processing app, it’s a fair bet that they’d have

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How to keep engineering teams connected when telecommuting

As developers and engineers adapt to working from home, communication issues inevitably arise. Certain applications and practices can help alleviate those challenges.

Top 5 skills needed to become a machine learning engineer
The demand for machine learning engineers continues to grow. Tom Merritt lists five skills necessary to land the job.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused an influx of remote workers, with industries across the enterprise asking employees to work from home. IT workers, in particular, have been the most well-suited for working remotely, since their jobs are primarily done on the web. 

SEE: Coronavirus: Critical IT policies

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Apple restricts iPhone and iPad Pro purchases to two per order amidst coronavirus outbreak

Hit by apparent supply constraints, Apple is limiting orders of the new iPad Pro and the iPhone to prevent bulk ordering.

The coronavirus could make remote work the norm, what businesses need to know
The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak could be the catalyst for a dramatic increase in telecommuting. Enterprises should prepare for an increase in remote work and the long-term effects on marketing budgets, corporate travel, and commercial real estate values.

Apple is now limiting the number of iPhones a customer can purchase online to prevent bulk ordering in the wake of reported supply constraints. In many countries, including the

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Top Microsoft events scheduled in 2020

Microsoft offers many educational opportunities for its products and services for IT pros. Here are the Microsoft events highlights of 2020.

Image: Microsoft

Regardless of your position in an enterprise, as an IT pro you are expected to stay up-to-date on the latest technological trends and innovations. IT pros working with Microsoft products and services can learn about its latest plans from hundreds of conferences, seminars, and summits held by the company each year. In order to choose when, where, and how to attend (whether in-person or online) these Microsoft events, it requires an annual schedule and thoughtful logistical planning.

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Windows 10: A cheat sheet

This comprehensive guide covers must-know Windows 10 details including features, system requirements, upgrade options, and Microsoft’s Windows-as-a-service strategy.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update: 5 new features business users will love
Windows 10 is getting a big update in its next release. Here are some of the enterprise-centered features to expect in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

Like a Swiss Army Knife, Windows 10 was designed to do just about everything for everyone…or at least that’s Microsoft’s hope. It’s built to provide a unified operating system that can run across multiple platforms, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It’s also

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