Xiaomi Says 80 Percent of Supply Chain Operational Ahead of 5G Phone Launch

China’s Xiaomi had resumed operations for over 80 percentĀ of its supply chain as of Thursday in the wake of the country’s coronavirus outbreak, the company’s president said.

Wang Xiang told an online media briefing that the company was still very confident in the European market as the virus situation there, while severe, was temporary.

Xiaomi said February had been a challenging month for it as its factories and offices struggled with various requirements for resuming operations.

Wang said that as of Thursday the company had reopened over 1,000 stores across China.

The company plans to launch a new flagship

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Employers need to maintain workforces to prepare for after the COVID-19 slowdown

Report: Reskilling through modern apprenticeships remains important, despite the coronavirus, and companies could be making a costly mistake if they don’t prepare for when the economy returns to normal.

Coronavirus: How companies can handle employee travel
CDC defines exposure risk for airplane travelers, and firms encourage working from home for people who have been traveling in China.

Globalization, economic reforms, and technological change are transforming the workplace and the types of jobs that will be offered in the future. Astute employers realize it’s critical to have access to a well-positioned pipeline of workers with 21st-century skills, according to a

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Facebook and Google in Talks With Washington to Track Infections: Reports

Facebook and Google are in talks with Washington over potentially using individuals’ personal data to track and combat the coronavirus outbreak, US media reported. The project would involve collecting location information from Americans’ smartphones and using it anonymously to map the spread of the disease and predict urgent medical needs, for example.

In a statement to the Washington Post, Google spokesman Johnny Luu confirmed they were “exploring ways that aggregated anonymized location information could help in the fight against COVID-19.”

The two tech giants did not respond to AFP requests for comment.

The use of personal data in the

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