Oracle’s new cloud infrastructure roadmap is all about high-performance computing

Announcements include NVIDIA A100 general availability, Arm for Linux cloud instances, and a new tier of elastic computing.

Image: Oracle

Oracle announced its latest cloud services roadmap, which is focused on eliminating what Oracle VP of product Karan Batta called the “trade-offs, caveats, and gaps” in cloud high-performance computing (HPC).

To that end, Oracle’s HPC roadmap update consists of five announcements that Batta said “are designed to meet the high expectations our infrastructure customers, including for HPC solutions to deliver the best of both worlds: The absolute performance they expect from on-premises systems and the pay-per-use, flexibility, and scalability

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If you’re asking for feedback, make sure you use it—or at least explain why you’re not

Two different approaches to asking customers for feedback show the perils of a process many tech leaders take for granted. Don’t waste people’s time with useless surveys.

Illustration: Lisa Hornung/iStockPhoto

The 2020 return to school has been interesting, as any parent of school-age children will tell you. Delays, uncertainty, technology problems, and all manner of challenges have been the norm, making what was once a predictable and reliable process anything but. Like many school districts, ours sent a survey to parents in August, asking parents questions on everything from whether they’d prefer in-person instruction versus virtual instruction, to whether they

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Companies are offering a slew of incentives to lure employees back to the office

To bring workers back to the office during the pandemic, employers are pulling out all of the stops; offering childcare support, transportation stipends, bonuses, free meals, and more.

Image: iStock/prostockstudio

In a matter of months, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people work, live, socialize, and more. The surreal new normal has altered personal and professional lives on short notice. In August, Alight Solutions released a report detailing various ways employers have adjusted benefits packages due to the coronavirus. Many respondent employers were providing employees with financial education resources to help weather the economic challenges of the pandemic and

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The best hidden features in iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 14 is full of new features, but some of the best gems are the ones in obscure places. Learn about the best hidden features in iOS 14 and how to use them on your iPhone and iPad.

Image: CNET

When Apple’s iOS 14 was released last week, many users and developers were surprised by the next-day availability. iOS 14 includes big changes that will forever change the way we use our iOS devices: From the widgets on the Home Screen, to the App Library, to the new automations in Shortcuts, iOS is clearly moving at a

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Launch a 90-day experiment to get business and IT projects off the ground

Ninety days is just enough time to find out if a project is going to work or not. After that time period, you can decide your team’s next steps.

Image: Boris Jovanovic, Getty Images/iStockPhoto

In a typical IT project, scope is the main driver of the outcome. The project is tasked with accomplishing a particular goal with a relatively fixed budget, and therefore the time it takes to accomplish that goal tends to become a bit fungible. Even before the team is assembled and work begins, most IT leaders will design their projects based on a “reach” deadline, and then

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How a tech company CEO’s politics impacts the decision of potential hires

SpaceX, Netflix, Hulu, and the “inspirational” Elon Musk get the highest ratings in their categories, revealed Hired’s 2020 Brand Health Report.

Image: iStock/Andrei Stanescu

Given the economical and social climate of the US, it shouldn’t be surprising that 54% of job-seeking tech workers believe that the company CEO’s political beliefs have a “strong” or “very strong” impact on their decision to accept a job with that company. 

Hired has just released its 2020 Brand Health Report, and, in addition to revealing how important subordinates consider the political leanings of enterprise leaders, it focuses on where tech pros want to

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