New partnership can help more women enter tech careers, helping fill in-demand jobs

Women are vastly underrepresented in tech careers, and this new collaboration between Springboard and Women Who Code can help remedy that gap.

TechRepublic’s Karen Roby spoke with Parul Gupta, co-founder of Springboard, and Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code, about equality in the tech industry. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

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Karen Roby: Alaina, let’s talk first about just how underrepresented women actually are in tech. I think it may surprise some people.

Alaina Percival: Women are not a minority, so we’re half of the population. In the tech industry,

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Galaxy S21: Samsung copies Apple again, and both Android and iPhone fans suffer

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 line no longer comes with a power adapter, headphones or microSD card slot. 

Drew Evans/CNET

This story is part of CES, where our editors will bring you the latest news and the hottest gadgets of the entirely virtual CES 2021.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 line has plenty going for it. The displays have been improved, the processor has gotten faster and the cameras have been upgraded to take sharper photos and videos. And at a $200 cheaper starting price than the Galaxy S20, they are once again an enticing alternative to Apple’s latest iPhones. 

But in

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How to use EOMONTH() to return the last day of the month and more in Excel

There’s more to EOMONTH() in Microsoft Excel than the last day of the month. Learn how to put it to use in your spreadsheets.

Image: Rawpixel/iStockphoto

Dates play a part in many spreadsheets, but they can be a bit mysterious, especially when Excel doesn’t offer a date function that returns exactly the value you need. Fortunately, the more you know, the easier dates are to work with. In this article, I’ll show you a date function that returns the last day of a specified month, and then some. It’s the “then some” that really comes in handy. Even if you

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The state of bullying at work

Nearly half of US employees will quit in a year or less when faced with a bully, and 79% have indirectly experienced or witnessed bullying at work, a new study says.

Image: iStock/AntonioGuillem

No longer reserved for the playground or between kids, bullying has become so prevalent that 79% of US employees said they either indirectly experienced or witnessed bullying in the workplace. Almost 50% of American workers will opt to quit, within a year or less, rather than continue dealing with a workplace bully. A new report from MyPerfectResume reveals the unsettling details of the state of bullying at

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Hystorical Context

With a high school diploma or a Normal Equivalency Diploma (GED), you’ll be able to apply to any of FIT’s affiliate diploma packages. Nikki is a veteran educator, librarian, Instructional Technology Facilitator and ISTE Librarians Community President Elect. The intention of our items of study is to assist and extend the grade diploma language arts items of examine, along with the technology functions TEKS, whereas offering a assured and viable library curriculum. On this unit, we shall be organising library techniques and expectations, fostering literature appreciation, and introducing the idea of digital citizenship to begin our year off correct. Can … Read More