Remote work isolation is forcing IT people to work in new ways

Nearly 60% of employees feel more isolated and disconnected from work and teams, and 50% want employers to do something about it, says a new report from Boomi and ResearchScape.

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The pandemic quickly isolated households from family, friends, and coworkers, but in addition to being separated physically, it was an emotional and mental readjustment. As COVID-19 sent people home to work, e-learn, and quarantine, the interpersonal and technological impact of being remote required new ways of coping, according to a newly launched survey commissioned by ResearchScape on behalf of Boomi, the Boomi Connection Survey.

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Computer/IT remote work increased more than 50% since March 1

A new report from Flexjobs taps the top 50 companies offering remote jobs, and 11 of them are tech-related.

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A COVID-19-imposed work-from-home life may have revealed a preferable working situation for many, as there’s been a significant increase in people looking for remote and flexible jobs since the beginning of the pandemic. There’s also been significant opportunities at companies recruiting remote workers. 

Due to the popularity of the search for remote work, Flexjobs reviewed and determined the top companies hiring for the most remote jobs between March 1 and Sept 15. 

While only 11

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Innovation is still possible while your team is working from home

Despite initial results, are executives and employees growing frustrated with working from home and concerned that it’s killing innovation? Yes, but there are other ways to foster innovation.

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Working from home is affecting all teams differently, but some believe it’s stifling innovation. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal featured excerpts from interviews with various CEOs regarding remote work. More than 60% of the comments were negative about the value and sustainability of working from home, and interestingly only one of those negative comments was related to the logistics and infrastructure of working from home, a

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Dice celebrating 30 years as a tech career site

To celebrate the milestone, the company is launching new features and a career guide.

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Tech career site Dice is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the release of a new career guide and some new additions. The Guide to a Successful Technology Career features comprehensive career advice to help aspiring and early stage technologists build a successful career and leverages Dice’s three decades of experience and leadership in the technology sector, the company said.

The guide includes salary information, tech job listings by city, emerging hubs, and digital job capacity from 2020 to 2025.

Dice has also launched a

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If you’re asking for feedback, make sure you use it—or at least explain why you’re not

Two different approaches to asking customers for feedback show the perils of a process many tech leaders take for granted. Don’t waste people’s time with useless surveys.

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The 2020 return to school has been interesting, as any parent of school-age children will tell you. Delays, uncertainty, technology problems, and all manner of challenges have been the norm, making what was once a predictable and reliable process anything but. Like many school districts, ours sent a survey to parents in August, asking parents questions on everything from whether they’d prefer in-person instruction versus virtual instruction, to whether they

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Companies are offering a slew of incentives to lure employees back to the office

To bring workers back to the office during the pandemic, employers are pulling out all of the stops; offering childcare support, transportation stipends, bonuses, free meals, and more.

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In a matter of months, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people work, live, socialize, and more. The surreal new normal has altered personal and professional lives on short notice. In August, Alight Solutions released a report detailing various ways employers have adjusted benefits packages due to the coronavirus. Many respondent employers were providing employees with financial education resources to help weather the economic challenges of the pandemic and

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