Microsoft Teams: More new features added to make your meetings run better

Approvals, Presenter View and Meeting Recap are all coming to Teams, with Microsoft keen to get remaining Skype for Business customers onto its star product.

Teams users can take advantage of new features.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto, Chainarong Prasertthai

Microsoft has slipped more new features into its popular Teams platform, while giving its remaining Skype for Business users a nudge towards making the jump.

A handful of new features for
Microsoft Teams

were unearthed this week, both via Microsoft’s dedicated Teams blog and the Microsoft 365 technology roadmap.

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These are the programming languages most in-demand with companies hiring

Survey of 15,000 developers and HR managers reveals JavaScript, Java and Python as the most sought-after languages, while knowledge of React, Node.js and .NET Core are also in high demand.

Programming languages: JavaScript is in pole position.

Image: scyther5, Getty Images/iStockphoto

JavaScript, Java and

are among the most sought-after programming languages from hiring managers when recruiting new developers, according to new survey from programmer training company CodinGame.

Must-read developer content

The company’s latest annual report, which is based on a survey of 15,000 developers and HR managers from around the world, revealed that six in 10 (60%) of recruiters

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The Linux Foundation launches 7-part open source management training program

Self-paced and designed for those making decisions about open source best practices, each of the seven parts can be taken independently depending on individual need.

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The Linux Foundation has created a new seven module course on open source management and strategy designed to “help executives, managers, software developers and engineers understand and articulate the basic concepts for building effective open source practices within their organization.”

The courses are designed for beginners and focus on managing open source software from the very beginnings of implementation all the way through to the creation of an in-house Open Source Program

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How to highlight duplicate values in Excel

If you want duplicate values to stand out in an Excel spreadsheet, you can choose between two conditional formatting rules.

Image: Aajan Getty Images/iStockphoto

The article, How to highlight unique values in Excel, shows two easy ways to apply conditional formatting to unique values or the row that contains a unique value. In this article, we’ll do the same thing with duplicate values. We’ll first review the easy built-in rule that formats duplicate values. Then, we’ll apply a conditional format rule that highlights the entire record.

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I’m using Microsoft 365

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Linux: Not all users are developers

Jack Wallen takes on a stereotype of Linux users that does more harm than you might think.

Image: Jack Wallen

“Not all Linux users are developers.” It’s a statement I’ve been having to make quite a lot lately. This comes from prospective clients, who find out I’ve been using and writing about Linux since the late 1990s, and then approach me to ask if I’d be willing to either take on a development project or to write about development through the eyes of an actual developer. 

When I tell these possible clients that I’m not a developer, without fail,

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Developers: These are the top skills you will need in 2021

Last year was tough, but 2021 promises new opportunities for developers in the rapidly transforming business landscape. Here are the skills that will help you succeed.

Now more than ever, developers are in hot demand.

Image: nd3000, Getty Images/iStockphoto

The importance of software skills was brought to the fore in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic forced rapid digitization across businesses, and even entire industries.

All signs point to 2021 being a year of continued change for businesses as they use the lessons learned from 2020 to rethink their strategy. For many, this will mean continuing on their path to

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