A Stunning and Smart Table Lamp

A lamp that is programmed to turn on and off at specific times is not a new concept. A Smart table lamp that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to turn on and off with zero programming required brings a touch of the future into homes. A company started in 2016 has created a practical lamp with an innovative design and the capacity to learn the personal habits of the family regarding lighting needs.

Just Plug It In

This product is ready to amaze right out of the box. It automatically senses the first signs of dawn and shuts itself off. The lamp turns back on at twilight. The only thing the owner has to do is plug the lamp into an outlet. This saves a great deal of money throughout the year because there is no need to program it based on the season. When daylight lasts until nine in the evening, the lamp remains off. Darkness descending at four in the evening does not mean people come back to a dark house.

Daily Habits

Over time the lamp learns and mimics the habits of the occupants maintaining lighting patterns when no one is home. This adds extra security when working late, going away for the weekend, or spending the night elsewhere. A dark house is the perfect target for home intruders so a light that will leave the impression that someone is home is ideal.


The technology is easily integrated with wi-fi smart home systems already connected in the home. The lamp can be controlled with the touch of a hand or via voice recognition. The style is designed to integrate seamlessly with any type of décor as well. The base is marble, the frame is stainless steel, and the lamp shade is linen. The product is made in the US. Details on all the features are included on the website, along with an opportunity to leave an email address for additional information.

More to Come

The company is moving forward with new designs, technological development, and eco-friendly products that are as easy on the planet as they are on the eyes. The evolution of lighting is experiencing a boost in progress. Get in on the excitement and benefits early to begin impressing the neighbors and saving money.