Turn an old phone into a security camera in 3 steps. Here’s how to do it

If you have any old phones collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, don’t sell them for a fraction of what you bought them for. If they still turn on, you can put them to good use in your house.

You could turn one into a baby monitor or a makeshift Google Home speaker, for example. Those are good ideas and you can find more in the link below, but one of the most useful ways to upcycle an old phone is to make it into a home security camera.

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How to manage or disable MAC randomization in iOS and iPadOS 14

Apple’s newest feature enhances network security, but it may cause disruptions when users join wireless networks from iOS devices. Here’s how to work around them.

Image: iStock/Ivan-balvan

Apple released iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, its latest versions of the mobile operating systems, in September. While the rollout has been largely trouble-free to users and enterprises deploying the latest update, there has been a specific hiccup that affects the way in which devices connect to wireless networks that has been causing some kerfuffle in organizations.

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Tallinn College of Technology, the only technological university in Estonia, is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology training. This can be a actually good learn. I’ve been impressed currently that it is doable to succeed in a lot of people however not have that a lot of an influence on any of them. On the flip facet, it’s attainable to contact one particular person at a time and have an amazing impression on their lives. The primary situation is engaging, however there’s something about ministering Christ to people one on one that actually seems to please the Lord. MyEcontentFactory, … Read More

Toshiba Targets $3 Billion Revenue in Quantum Cryptography by 2030

Toshiba said on Monday it aims to generate $3 billion (roughly Rs. 22,011 crores) in revenue from its advanced cryptographic technology for data protection by 2030, as the Japanese sprawling conglomerate scrambles to find future growth drivers.

The cyber security technology, called quantum key distribution (QKD), leverages the nature of quantum physics to provide two remote parties with cryptographic keys that are immune to cyberattacks driven by quantum computers.

Toshiba expects the global QKD market to grow to $12 billion (roughly Rs. 880,48 crores) in 10 years with the advance of quantum computers, whose massive computational power could easily decipher

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