Tech workers’ overall well-being was the most negatively impacted by COVID-19

A new meQuilibrium study found that two essential industries—tech and healthcare—were upended due to the pandemic.

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It should be no surprise that among the many industries hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, two essential industries were hardest hit—tech and healthcare, according to a new meQuilibrium study. Both industries were immediately affected at the onset of COVID-19’s progression across the US. meQuilibrium surveyed 7,000 workers from different industries from December 2019 to June 2020 and compared changes in job stress, burnout, motivation, and sleep.

Tech workers had to scramble to shift their company’s technologies to work as

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How organizations can reduce their reliance on passwords

Passwordless authentication can be an effective option, though introducing such a method poses its own challenges, says LastPass.

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Let’s face it, everyone hates passwords. Users hate having to create, remember, and constantly enter passwords. And IT and support people hate having to manage and enforce passwords for their users. For now, passwords are a necessary evil, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore alternatives. A report published Thursday by password manager LastPass looks at the pitfalls of passwords and the pros and cons of passwordless options.

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Based on a

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Train employees to be first line of defense

This October looks quite different from previous years, as IT oversees staff who are no longer centrally located, creating a larger attack surface for bad actors. Awareness is key, experts say.

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Maintaining good cyber hygiene is always essential for an IT department, and it’s equally important that IT remind company employees of the looming threat of cyber breaches. October marks Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and it’s particularly relevant this year as many people are working remotely, spread out in the wide-ranging locations they call home, rather than housed within a company building. The greatest cyber risk

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Ms. Marvel: Iman Vellani Cast in the Lead as Kamala Khan for Disney+ Hotstar Series

Ms. Marvel has been found. Disney and Marvel Studios have cast 18-year-old newcomer Iman Vellani to play the lead in the eponymous Disney+ Marvel series, which will air on Disney+ Hotstar in India. Vellani will make her Hollywood debut in playing Ms. Marvel / Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager from New Jersey. That makes her the first Muslim superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After debuting in Ms. Marvel, Vellani is expected to appear in future MCU movies as well.

Deadline first brought word of Vellani’s casting as Ms. Marvel, which the 18-year-old Canadian confirmed on her newly-created

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Google Pixel 5: Here’s what the computational photography pioneers have to offer in 2020

Google’s Pixel 5 includes regular and ultrawide-angle cameras.

Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

Google’s Pixel 5 flagship smartphone drops the telephoto camera its predecessor offered for capturing distant subjects and switches instead to an ultrawide angle alternative good for photographing groups of people and indoor scenes. The shift follows Apple’s iPhone 11, which last year added an ultrawide lens.

An ultrawide camera also is useful for video, which often crops the outer portions of the frame to help stabilize footage. The ultrawide camera complements a traditional main 12-megapixel camera on the Pixel 5’s back and a front-facing 8-megapixel selfie camera on

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How to use sheet view for more flexible collaboration in Excel

Whether you’re tired of losing your spot when collaborating or you want to customize the way you view your data, sheet views in Microsoft Excel are for you.

Image: iStock/AndreyPopov

Collaboration is the latest Microsoft 365 push, and it’s easier now than ever before to share a document in real time. Now that users can easily collaborate on the same document, you might have run into a new problem. 

Have you ever been working in a shared sheet when suddenly—without any input from you—the data you were viewing was gone, replaced by a different display of the same data? It’s

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