LG Wing hands-on: Here’s what it’s like to actually use the weird swiveling phone

The dual-screen LG Wing

Angela Lang/CNET

These days, phones are either rectangular slabs with one straight screen or, in the case of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Motorola Razr 5G, they’re slabs with flexible screens that open up. But the LG Wing is neither. Instead, it’s a phone with two screens, one of which swivels on top of the other.

Yes, it’s weird and yes, it’s probably going to be expensive (at the time of this writing LG hasn’t released pricing yet). But the design isn’t as crazy or pointless as it seems. After pushing through the initial

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iPhone 12 mini Could Be a Part of 2020 iPhone Family, Rumours Suggest

While Apple is busy preparing for the 2020 iPhone family, the rumour mill has now suggested that the smallest in the new series would be called none other than the iPhone 12 mini. This could be the fourth model in the iPhone 12 range that is likely to debut as soon as next month. The iPhone 12 mini title makes some sense if we look at Apple’s product line that includes the iPad mini and Mac mini; there was also an iPod mini in the past. The Cupertino company has so far avoided the “mini” moniker for its iPhone series,

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Information Technology Series

Tallinn College of Technology, the one technological college in Estonia, is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education. Yet there are rays of light, each of which shares a common denominator: a rigorous concentrate on the particular wants of the end consumer, be it affected person or clinician. When artistic well being programs think about and engage the end user of the digital technology as the customer” of that technology, adoption levels are excessive and so, too, is the impression. Two CareMore Well being initiatives serve as examples: One gives patients with non-emergency transportation, and the other is a … Read More

Facebook Critics Launch Rival Oversight Board

Critics of Facebook, including the organisers of an advertising boycott against the company, on Friday launched their own oversight board to review the company’s content moderation practices.

The launch comes a day after Facebook’s officially-mandated Oversight Board said it would start work in mid-late October, nearly a year behind schedule.

The new group, which bills itself as the “Real Facebook Oversight Board,” counts among its initial members the heads of three US civil rights groups, the former president of Estonia and the former head of election integrity at Facebook.

The delay of the launch of the official Facebook-funded board

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Why SaaS vendors like Snowflake love open source

Commentary: For those who look at the success of SaaS services as portending bad things for open source, the opposite may be true.

Image: Ildo Frazao, Getty Images/iStockphoto

From the earliest days of MongoDB, co-founder Eliot Horowitz planned to build a managed database service. As he stressed in an interview, Horowitz knew that developers wouldn’t want to manage the database themselves if they could get someone to do it for them, provided they wouldn’t sacrifice safety and reliability in the process. The natural complement to open source, in other words, was cloud.

This isn’t to suggest cloud will kill open

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How to be a good open source community citizen

Commentary: Open source has never been more important, yet getting started with open source communities can feel daunting. Here are experts’ tips on how to get involved in open source.

Image: vladans, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sure, virtually all software includes open source code, but that doesn’t mean you’re an expert in any particular open source project. More pertinently, it also doesn’t mean you necessarily know how to behave when you decide to show up and knock on the GitHub repository for a given project. Or, for that matter, what “someone new should know in order to start acting as a

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