Moto G Fast vs. Moto E: Here’s which sub-$200 Motorola phone to buy

Though Motorola has a few choice premium phones, like the foldable Razr phone and the 5G-enabled Edge Plus, the phone maker is mostly known for its affordable, well-made handsets. Case in point, its $300 Moto G Stylus and excellent $250 Moto G Power, which were released earlier this year. But there are two more, even cheaper new phones under Motorola’s belt, the $200 Moto G Fast and the new Moto E, which repackages some of last year’s tech from the fabulous Moto G7 into a new body that costs $150.

Both phones are solid options if your

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Galaxy Note 20 rumors and leaks: Ultra specs, August launch date, camera details

The Galaxy Note 20 is expected to look a lot like the Galaxy S20 phones.


Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as one of its new Note phones on Aug. 5 — that is, if the mounting rumors are right. Whispers about an extra-large version of the Note 20, called the Note 20 Ultra, have floated up and been batted down at intervals. Now one prominent Twitter leaker makes a compelling case that the Ultra is real, with a series of specs. As always, nothing’s a given until Samsung’s official announcement. 

If true, Samsung would introduce the

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Best phones under $200: Our picks for 2020 budget phones that still work great

It may seem like your choices are slim to none if you’re looking for a reliable phone for $200 or less. But there are a few budget smartphone options available that we wholeheartedly recommend — like handsets from Motorola’s Moto G series and one phone from its even more affordable E series. Upcoming and newly announced devices from Samsung and Xiaomi also look compelling not only because these phones comes from well-known companies and sport sub-$200 price tags, but also because they have decent specs (hello, good camera) and an elegant design.

To see our picks, check out the list

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Solar Eclipse 2020 Today: Surya Grahan Time, How to Watch Live Stream, Precautions

Solar Eclipse 2020 or surya grahan is here. Skywatchers across India will witness the rare annular solar eclipse today. While the partial solar eclipse will be visible across the country, eclipse’s best visibility or maximum eclipse will be limited to a narrow stretch covering parts of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. Annular eclipses are known for their “ring of fire” display as Moon while passing through between Earth and Sun isn’t close enough to our planet to completely cover sunlight. Astronomers are calling today’s eclipse “the most dramatic ring of fire” solar eclipse in years.

Solar eclipse 2020

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