Insights for hiring the next generation of cybersecurity experts

A new report from Kudelski Security provides companies tips for how to recruit and retain talent up for the digital challenges of tomorrow.

The market for top cybersecurity talent will remain competitive in the years ahead, as this first-line network defense is prioritized and buttressed for the rigors of tomorrow. Gartner estimates that nearly two million security positions will remain vacant through 2022. To provide organizations with insights to identify, recruit, and train premium cybersecurity professionals, Kudeloski Security released a report titled “Cyber Business Executive Research: Building the Future of Security Leadership.” 

The report was created in partnership with the

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7 best phones under $300: Moto G Power, Galaxy A50, LG K40 and more

If you’re on a tight budget but in need of a phone upgrade, there are many devices that cost $300 or less. Several of our favorite phones are from Motorola, which is unsurprising given that the company has made feature-rich budget phones for years now. In addition to its newest phones, the Moto G Stylus and G Power, Motorola’s G phones from 2019 are also still available for cheap. On top of that, there are a couple of Android handsets from other phone-makers that we recommend as well. To see our top picks, check out the list below and

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COVID-19: 4 continuity challenges the medical industry will face

Providing the best care with limited funding has always been a challenge for hospitals and care facilities. After the pandemic, the medical industry will be pressed to focus on continuity projects.

There’s no question that even after COVID-19, the hangover will be felt across all industries. One of the hardest hit was the medical industry, specifically hospitals, care centers, and physician’s offices. Going forward, continuity of care will require these four changes.

1. Risk identification and management 

Hospitals, physicians, senior care facilities, and other centers have been among the most taxed during COVID-19 as they struggle to find ways

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How to use Microsoft’s new Office app for iOS or Android

The Microsoft Office app provides a handy way to work with Office documents and files on your mobile device.

Image: CNET

Beyond working with Microsoft Office on your PC, you can also use it on your mobile device when necessary. To help the mobile experience, Microsoft has a new app designed for iPhones and Android phones. Known as Microsoft Office, or just Office, the app combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to ease your ability to work with different documents and use less space than each app would individually.

The new Office app offers several features, including Office Lens integration to

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